Loes Riphagen

Loes Riphagen (1983) grew up among the animals on a farm in Oene, a small village in the Veluwe. Together with her twin brother, she moved to Rotterdam to study at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Loes currently lives and works in Heerde.

Loes Riphagen made her debut in 2008 with her book Night-Time-Bedroom-Creatures. With her cheerful and idiosyncratic illustrations, she always impresses the public, the press and juries. Loes is widely recognised for the beauty and sense of detail in her illustrations.

Her work has appeared in various countries, including Italy, Turkey, Colombia, Japan, Switserland, France, Spain, Russia, Germany, America, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, China, Korea, Taiwan, Portugal and Slovenia.

  • Awards

    Her latest books have received multiple awards. Her book 'Yes, Coco can!' was awarded Picturebook of the year 2021 in the Netherlands. For her book ‘Got Your Nose’ she received a Global Pinwheel Award of Excellence in China and the prestigious Silver European Design Award 2018. This special book was also the winner of The Hong Kong Print Awards 2018 and the Global Illustration Honorary Mention Award 2018.

    2021 Sardes Reading Plume Award - Come along, Cody (Kom mee, Kees)

    2021 Picturebook of the year - Yes, Coco can! (Coco kan het!)

    2020 First Prize Childrenjury Belgium - Cat & Fish (Kat & Vis)

    2020 Longlist World Illustration Awards - Yes, Coco can!(Coco kan het!)

    2020 3x3 Honorable Mention Award New York - Yes, Coco can! (Coco kan het!)

    2018 Global Illustration Awards Honorary Mention Award - A Trunk for a Nose (Bij de neus genomen)

    2018 Sardes Reading Plume Award - Cat and Fish (Kat & Vis)

    2018 Finalist BIBF Ananas Illustration Exhibition and Award Beijing - The Creepiest Creep (de Grootste Griezel)

    2017 Winner Hong Kong Print Awards - A Trunk For A Nose (Bij de neus genomen)

    2017 First Prize Childrenjury Belgium -Bobbi Bolhuis Redder in Nood.

    2016 Silver European Design Award - A Trunk For A Nose (Bij de neus genomen)

    2016 Award of excellence Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition CCBF - A Trunk For A Nose (Bij de neus genomen)

    2015 Nominated by CPNB for Gekko

    2015 - App Zzz 2015 Dutch Childrenjury

    2015 - Het zwarte ei

    2013 Commissioned by CPNB to make the Special Picturebook of the Child Book Week. 

    2012 nominated for European Design Awards 2012 - Superheldjes

    2012 Awarded 2e prize Child and Yought Jury Vlaanderen - Het rode ei

    2012 nominated for the European Design Awards 2012 - Vlieg op dikke bromvlieg

    2011 core title of Child Book Week 2011 - Superheldjes

    2011 nominated for the Cybilis Award Amerika - Animals Home Alone (Huisbeestenboel)

    2010 Huisbeestenboel Awarded a Flag and Pendand by Dutch Brush-Jury. 

    2010 Huisbeestenboel nominated for White Ravens Duitsland.

    2010 Huisbeestenboel core title of Child Book Week 2010. 

    2009 Slaapkamernachtdieren nominated for Childbookprize.