This page contains DIY ideas like printables & tutorial videos.

The animals in my book 'Yes, Coco can!' are all cut & pasted from paper. This is not difficult to do at all. You can do this too!

I'ed like to see how your artwork has turned out! Please contact me via Instagram.


  • Make your own Cocobook

Coco printable

Video: How to make a bird?

  • Coco printable

  • Coco light box worksheet

  • DIY Coco

  • Coco diorama (works best on A3)

  • Cut & Paste

  • Gnomehouse diorama (works best on A3)

  • This is how you draw a Gnome

  • DIY Gnomebook

  • Gnomecertificate

Video: How to paint a frog?

  • Cut & Paste

  • Pull doll

  • DIY Crab

  • DIY monkey