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Got your nose

De Fontein

Loes Riphagen explores another side of herself with "Got your nose!". This high-quality edition includes a gold foil cover and die-cut pages, making this book a genuine must-have piece of art! The cut-outs heighten the curiosity of the reader throughout the course of the adventure, and the enchanting execution of the picture book as a whole can provide hours of entertainment.

A curious little elephant goes around asking all the other animals questions. When he gets to Crocodile, Crocodile bites him in the nose. With the help of the other animals, Elephant tries to break free, but as a result his snout is stretched out into a long trunk. Elephant is very sad, until he discovers the benefits of his new trunk.

  • Silver European Design Award 2016
  • Golden Pinwheel Award of Excellence China
  • Winner Hong Kong Print Awards 2016
  • Global Illustration Award 2018 - Honorary Mention Award
  • Translated into French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese.